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For our Members, sign up $500 in cash sponsorships (or $750 in product) and receive one free stall at the State Show. If you sign up $1000 in cash sponsorships (or $1500 in product) you will recieve one free entry fee in the Open Class in addition to a free stall at the State Show.

Here are some resources you can use to help you show a potential sponsor what levels of sponsorship and advertising are available with the Iowa NBHA. This can help a sponsor make the decision to support you, and what level of support best supports their business needs. On this page you will find letters to potential new and returning sponsors, the sponsor categories, examples of ads and State Show books and more. If you need more specific help, please contact our Advertising Editor, your District Director or the State Director.

How to obtain a sponsor:   Sponsor Benefits and Pricing:
Letter to a new sponsor:   Letter to a returning sponsor:

Here are some samples of our advertising to show your prospective sponsors. These can be saved and printed using your browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Your request for sponsorship may be much more effective if you can show the actual size and examples of the ads.

  Ad Sample Booklet   Ad Sizes Sheet   Ad Example Pages