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North Iowa Events Center, Mason City

Here are two maps of the Mason City venue.

The first one:

  • The yellow lines are where electric and water are possible.
  • All of the little dots with letters on them are electrical hookups. There are a lot and there is more than one hook up on a letter.
  • You can see the outdoor arena is where you will run in from into the indoor arena.

There are 76 stalls in the horse barn, 10 stalls in the Davison Barn, 28 stalls in the Draft Horse Barn. There are 53 stalls in the small animal barn and 57 in the Curran Building. If we sell out all of those, we will have tie stalls in the Jr. Barn and there is room for more in the Curran Barn as well. If we have to we can have tie stalls in the Swine barn but that is concrete and I do not want to do that if at all possible.

There are showers in the main indoor arena area. It is the locker rooms from the hockey team so I need to get some shower curtains put up if they haven’t already. I do not believe that the restrooms next to the swine barn will be open.

It is easiest to turn at South Eisenhower Avenue and enter that way.

North Iowa Events Center, Mason City
North Iowa Events Center Photo