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D3 and D5 Dahlen's Youth
Date: 2019-05-04
Maya Scherkenbach Guylicious   IA D3   14.301 1D-1st
Mallory Fisher Bailey   IA D3   14.718 2nd
Katie Anderson LR Frenchie Playgirl   IA D3   14.741  
Ashlynn Miller Alaina   IA D3   14.931 2D-1st
Alyssa Blaser Brandy   IA D3   15.117 2nd
Marissa Miene Coyote Dry   IA D3   15.203  
Mallory Fisher Tia   IA D3   15.274  
Lauren Scipper Docs Smooth Duchess   IA D3   15.348 3D-1st
Alyssa Blaser Red   IA D3   15.428 2nd
Kinsey Kraber Dora   IA D5   15.846  
Reahna Van Rees Bandit   IA D3   16.032  
Preslee Weida Special   IA D3   16.041  
Preslee Weida Cruz   IA D3   16.063  
Aaliyah Sytsma Streakin Money   IA D5   17.040 4D-1st
Claire Montgomery Buttom   IA D5   17.517 2nd
Jerzey Shultz Honey   IA D3   19.254  
Annikah Riedesel Power   IA D3   19.974  
Shaylee Fritchey Destiny   IA D5   914.268  
Shaylee Fritchey Seeker   IA D5   914.492  
Madison Pirri Cyn   IA D5   914.751  
Maya Scherkenbach Top Rebel Magic   IA D3   914.929  
Sydney Banta BR Fire and Cream   IA D3   915.147  
Aylah Wenig Blue       915.420  
Madi Lewis One Tuff Iris   IA D3   915.768  
Alyssa Blaser Bubba   IA D3   916.667  
Taryn Hime Wicked       916.692  
Patrick McCready Check   IA D3   917.352  
Brezlyn Grote Sabrina       923.131  
Katie Anderson Dolly Eyed   IA D3   929.248  
Grace Collins Ty   IA D3   999.999  
Zaylan Wenig Sweets       999.999