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iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Stephanie Miller preparing her horse for opening ceremonies. iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID= iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=November 4th 2012 Stephanie Miller Barrel Racing Clinic iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Stephanie at Kirkwood Spring Fling NBHA Fundraiser iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID= iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Sam and Ziggy iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Stephanie and Bailey
iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Brooke Clark at the Big J district show in May iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Brooke Clark getting ready to make her run at the Big J district show, May 2013 iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Brooke Clark at the Stephanie Miller barrel racing clinic...with her stirrups donated by Silver Spur! iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Michelle Kempf at NBHA State Show in Mason City. iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Michelle Kempf at NBHA race in Waterloo. iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Deanna Kucera and Foxy on the Run aka Fly iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=2012 IA NBHA State Show! Courteney Rose and Mouse!
iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=2013 May Big J Barrel Blast (sanctioned with NBHA) Courteney Rose and A League Player! AKA Sport. iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Shanin at Waterloo IA Big J Sanctioned District 3 iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Riley Brocka and Jake Freese getting ready to run at the iowa city show 2013! iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Kylee VanDusselporph and Amanda Freese waiting to run at the Iowa City Show 2013 iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=2015 Awards Banquet in Traer iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Some of the Awards 2015 iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Just a few that ran the chariot race!  Fun was had by all
iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=state show 2014 iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Benton County Fairgrounds, May 2015 iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=2016 Awards Banquet iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Alyssa iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Callie iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Patty iowa-nbha-view-photo.php?recordID=Stephanie Rank